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Welcome To Sourland Coffee!

Welcome to Sourland Coffee! Bringing you the world, one cup at a time! That's a lofty pitch, but not untrue if you consider the global journey of the many coffees we serve including our "old favorites" and plenty of surprises. If you care to look, as we do, there's a backstory in every cup and we want to bring some of those stories to you. We'll begin with observations and highlights from the upcoming World Coffee Championships in Boston, April 11-14 2019, when more than 100 coffee professionals from around the world are expected to compete in this year's most prestigious events. Sourland Coffee will be there for the fun and all there is to learn from the world's finest coffee growers, roasters, and coffee equipment designers and manufacturers. Following that, we will hope to have you join in as we regularly discuss, inform, comment, and explore the exciting world of coffee, both here in our Pennington, NJ shop, our region, and beyond. If you truly love coffee, we hope you'll enjoy what we have to say and we hope to hear from you, too. Cheers!

Jon, Owner

Sourland Coffee Team

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